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A large portion of people suffering from pain do not receive adequate pain relief despite the growing number of analgesic agents that are available today. As well, many people experience a substantial number of side effects from these medications.

Stratification or classification of patients based on genetic and phenotypic profiles has yielded new insights into the pathophysiology of common pain conditions and has identified heterogeneity within patient populations. These findings have helped to identify new drugable targets and further highlight the importance of individual variation in drug response. The Algynomics team has assisted pharmaceutical companies in finding new drug targets and in developing methods, based on phenotypes and genotypes, to identify patient populations that respond to analgesic agents.

Algynomics is also actively engaged in identifying new drug targets and in-licensing new drugs that show promise for the treatment of common chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, temporomandibular disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, and lower back pain. Algynomics is seeking partnerships and alliances to co-develop Phase II clinical trials and to assist with the preclinical development of small molecular weight compounds.