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Algynomics has the knowledge and experience to evaluate genomic and phenotypic patient data, and/or partner with researchers to use their clinical data for translational/industry application.
Examples of these services are listed below:

Genomic and phenotypic assessment and evaluation of patient data

  • Designing hypothesis-driven studies with thorough phenotypic and genotypic characterization of cohorts and appropriate outcomes assessment.
  • Providing consultation on the application and analysis of data derived from the Algynomics Pain Research Panel.

Partnering with researchers to utilize their clinical data for translational/industry applications

Clinical researchers frequently are not able to take full advantage of the opportunity to share their clinical research data and ideas with industry partners who can translate their findings into new treatments for patients. Algynomics provides an effective conduit for bringing data and ideas to the market. We can serve as the "translational arm" for researchers' academic activities, for example, by facilitating statistical analysis of clinical datasets containing phenotypic and genotypic data.