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Algynomics - Personalized Pain Medications and Diagnostics

The unique expertise of the Algynomics team in the fields of clinical pain and pain genetics provides the basis for both early and late stage clinical services to pharmaceutical companies. Algynomics currently has consulting contracts with Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies providing these services.
Examples of these services are listed below:

Identification of New Therapeutic Candidates (Pipeline expansion)

  • Using Algynomics' Pain Research Panel of candidate genes and/or genome-wide scans to identify new therapeutic targets.

Development and Testing of Pain Therapeutics (Pipeline efficiency)

  • Designing clinical trials on pain and associated conditions to ensure thorough phenotypic and genotypic characterization of cohorts and appropriate outcomes assessment.
  • Conducting genomic and phenotypic cluster analyses of existing phase II/III data to enhance understanding of clinical condition, clarify optimal target populations, and guide further drug/therapeutic development.
  • Evaluating responses to pain therapeutics to minimize placebo effects, appropriately target and stratify study populations, and co-develop diagnostic screening tools to improve patient profiling and subsequent response to treatment.

Reassessment of Data from Failed Phase II/Phase III Clinical Trials

  • Applying stratification procedures to phenotypic and genotypic data to identify common subpopulations in which a specific therapeutic is likely to be effective.