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The Algynomics Pain Research Panel is custom chip based on an Illumina iSelect chip using Illumina’s Infinium platform. Our current panel, the Pain Research Panel v.2.0, contains more than 5,300 SNPs representing 540+ genes implicated in pain perception, inflammation, and mood. The Pain Research Panel allows investigators to perform a comprehensive analysis of genetic factors associated with clinical pain states using existing analyses and technologies that were developed for this purpose. These analyses allow researchers to better understand the pathophysiology of pain conditions and identify valuable clinical biomarkers.

Click here for a complete list of genes covered on the Algynomics Pain Research Panel v.2.0.

For consultation regarding project development and use of the Pain Panel, please contact Dr. Inna Belfer at
412.648.1342; ibelfer@algynomics.com

For technical issues about the Pain Research Panel or questions regarding quality control or hypothesis-based analyses, please contact Dr. Shad Smith at 919.698.5346; ssmith@algynomics.com

For reference, the Pain Research Panel v.1.0 gene list containing over 340 genes can be found here.