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Algynomics - Personalized Pain Medications and Diagnostics

The Diagnostics Division at Algynomics develops tools that will enhance diagnostic and prognostic evaluation, as well as improve prediction of treatment response, especially to pharmacotherapeutic intervention. These tools, based on an increasing evidence base related to pain diagnostics, offer several potential benefits to our clients and our patients, including:

1) Identification of individuals at increased risk for the development of chronic pain, which will allow targeted preventive efforts.

2) Enhanced patient stratification in clinical trials to identify treatment responders, produce more sensitive inclusion/exclusion criteria for trial enrollment, and possibly to accomplish drug rescue in some situations.

3) Development of algorithms that will lead to tailored treatment for pain, enhancing outcomes and reducing adverse effects.

4) Potential identification of novel therapeutic targets. Algynomics’ diagnostic tools, which utilize genetic, neurological, and/or psychological assessment procedures, are being developed with the goals of enhancing patients’ quality of life, increasing providers’ ability to select safe and effective treatments, and providing novel information that can be used to increase the pace of developing therapeutic compounds. Algynomics is currently developing stratification tools and clinical decision aides for a number of pain conditions.